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The Need To Show Expensive Things To Sell A Program

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This was interesting as I was reading about the business strategy of a person who essentially sold a ton of books in regards to the topic of generating a profitable business. This book didn’t actually talk about any business in particular where you would get logistical advice but instead it focused more on mindset and industry trends. It used a lot of the typical sales technique to hype people up such as showing the person driving a super expensive car to say even you can do it.

The funny thing is how years later he was saying how he had to do that as no one really pays attention otherwise. Essentially showing expensive things is a form of incentive for people to actually do something in the sense of tell someone something is good for them and they will likely still not do it. Tell them they can get that expensive house or car and more likely they would.

It’s an interesting thought because often I know for myself I look beyond the smoke and mirrors. But like in this example many times the majority of people need to be communicated in that flashy way.

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