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NCIX Going Bankrupt Speculation Made Me Think About Consumer Research

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There is a fairly large computer store here called NCIX where I remember way back they pretty much offered some of the best prices for computer related items. As they became bigger though for some reason its prices became very noncompetitive compared to other places such as Amazon. So recently I was reading online that there were allegedly employees who haven’t been paid which could lead to a sign that the company is in big financial trouble and is going bankrupt.

That then made me want to research even as a regular consumer if there was any merit to that. I did see on its official forum that they closed some stores which kind of adds to the possibility that the business isn’t doing too well. This whole thing makes me think how there are so many ways to research these kinds of things as a consumer. Like here you had different types of online communities for information which can actually help you financially when it comes to spending.

One example would be many times for companies like this people would have things like reward points or gift cards. So this can be a good indication on whether or not you should try and spend those now. Or as well if there are items that may go into a liquidation sale of sort so you can put that on your radar. I even mentioned before that learning about the business side of things can help you as a consumer as well.

Although that would be kind of hard to imagine if they do close its doors completely as I can’t see why they couldn’t do the business purely online as an example unless things truly are that bad internally.

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  • So funny. I get my paycheck on time. Hahahahaha.

    Hello 8/23/2017 10:49 pm

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