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Having Multiple Contract Professionals For Flexibility

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Today as I went to discuss with a person about a service I decided that I would hire him and for him to do the work he needed to contract help in other departments. As he phoned his first choice apparently the person was busy in the time-slot I was interested in so he couldn’t use the person. He tried the second person and there was no answer. In the end he said he would get back to me to confirm the details.

After awhile he actually said he would be able to do it on a different date where I actually was okay with it as I gave me two options before. So I agreed to it. What this made me think of is how since he relied on contractors if he only had one option there was a high chance he may not have been able to adapt to my scheduling needs which in-turn would mean a loss of business. That’s kind of an important thought as I know people often prefer to use one person. You basically establish the trust better this way and why wouldn’t you want to give all your business to people you trust right?

However, like here at times life happens and if you don’t have those other options to adapt it can be an extreme loss of business. Of course it will probably be trickier to try and maintain a business relationship with more than one contractor where seeing the person go with the other can result in dismay where the person will likely not give you any kind of exclusivity of sorts too. But sometimes you need to have that backup as well.

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