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Multilingual Label

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This was kind of a neat thought. Essentially, there was a company that was trying to stand out from hundreds of other companies when it comes to convincing shoppers to buy their products over others. While many would usually attempt some slick advertising campaign, the funny thing was all they did was add some words in various languages that native speakers would understand. It was literally just writing simple things like “Good” in multiple languages.

Not surprisingly, it worked very well as a good swing vote of sort to convince people it is the one they should go for. It’s one of those things that sound so stupid that it makes you wonder why more people haven’t tried that method huh? I guess the main drawback would be that having multilingual labels would imply that you have a support centre of sort in all the languages that you use as well. So therefore a company wouldn’t want to be bombarded or have to create multilingual customer support to meet those expectations.

However, in a lot of cases that shouldn’t be a factor if you are just using simple words too. Even walk -in grocery stores have simple things like saying “Welcome” in an effort to attract more people for example and usually people simply go in and buy what they want without necessarily expecting say the staff to be fluent in a language other than the county’s main one. Either way, it can be an inexpensive way to stand out.

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