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Too Much Time And Money Maintenance When You Own Too Much

I was thinking today as I got an extra battery for my drone and for the most part I am trying to use as many best practices as possible to get the most out of the battery. For example, charging and discharging it to increase its longevity. While I only have two which is easy to maintain I remember one person telling me how he owned a lot and it was rather time consuming just to maintain them. Eventually it becomes a choice of taking the time to maintain all of them or just being more carefree which in exchange you reduce the life of the battery.

We often don’t think about that when we buy things as the time to maintain an item can cost so much time and money in the long run. So many it’s actually good to use as little as possible or get rid of things that you don’t really need. For myself personally I usually try to do this with portable electronic devices. I know a lot of people have things like a smartphone, tablet and a laptop which they carry with them at the same time. To me that is just too much maintenance which translates to spending more money each day. That can come in the form of the energy bill or even as simple as paying for storage if need be on like a trip.

Like for me there I actually try and see how I can do the things I do with as little resources as possible. Because in the end it probably does cost you a ton of money by having too much stuff to maintain.

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