More Discounts Online or Offline

More Discounts Online or Offline

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The other day I was thinking of buying an item in a store that was on sale. Since it was pretty expensive I would only want to buy it if the item went on sale at a good price. So when it did go on sale I was remembering how if you purchased the item online you could use things like digital coupons or paying with online payment systems where the company is willing to give you further discounts as a result.

The funny thing in this case I was asking the person if I could take advantage of those discounts at the store too and the person seemed a little clueless and ultimately saying it was probably an online deal only. I usually find too that even for businesses that have both an online and offline presence that if I am in the store I can usually get a cheaper deal by ordering through its online store than then literally waiting for it to process to be picked up.

I have noticed that for some restaurants too that have an online ordering system where you could literally order the item online while you are at the restaurant and then getting a cheaper deal by taking advantage of things like digital coupons. Might be a little strange, but if it saves money you may as well do it.

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