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The Money You Save And Lose By Shopping At Certain Days


One thing that is very useful about documenting prices is that it sure makes it so apparent as to how much extra money you can lose just for regular purchases by not buying items when they are on sale. Just the other day I posted this deal I saw for some cooking wine where as you can see you could buy a bottle of it for 94 cents. I even mentioned how I don’t normally shop for stuff like this so I didn’t exactly know what the regular prices were.

Now I recently passed by the same store and the same product was on display. In this case it was a non-sale price and one bottle was $2.28. This is more than double the sale price I saw and it was only like a week apart too.


When you start adding this up for virtually every purchase that you make it kind of shows how shopping at the wrong days can mean the difference between having say extra money to invest with on other things versus always having no savings left. I just notice even from my own experience that prices like these can literally change like the next day too at times as a lot of stores often have deals that are specific to whatever the managers wanted to put out there.

As well, if you see a great deal that it makes sense stocking up on it might be a wise idea to do so. Paying double than what you have too isn’t very appealing.

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