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Money Meaning Nothing Without A Relationship

This incident today made me think a little as I was talking to an elder lady who was telling me how she immigrated here a long time ago and for the most part she found a stable career and made a good living. She is now retired and all so financially she is pretty set and is in that stage where she wants to find things to to so that she doesn’t get bored. I then asked if she moved here with her whole family and she said no as she moved by herself.

I thought that was odd as usually people move with their whole family at that age such as bringing the kids with them. However, she then told me how she never had children as all those years she simply never met the right person. She seemed kind of regretful about that notion too. It made me think is this one of those situations where all the money in the world or career advancements mean nothing ultimately if you don’t have that special someone to share it with?

Sure makes you think in some ways if you are one of those extreme workaholics that only focus on how much you make everyday huh? I bet like in her case those years just flew by. I was actually debating this with a person the other day on one’s ultimate motivation to say make money. This is one of those deep topics where I guess there isn’t really any definite answer for but at the same time you can’t wait too long in deciding what it is you are really earning all that money for. In the end you can’t buy back time.

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