Minor Surgeries That Cause Major Inconvenience
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Minor Surgeries That Cause Major Inconvenience

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A few weeks ago I had this small surgery done to get rid of a preauricular ear sinus infection as while it didn’t really bother me much in life it was recommended that I just get rid of the problem forever with minor surgery as the process was apparently fast and the scar would be minor. Initially it did seem to be very quick, but for the first few days it didn’t feel like the doctor was 100% confident in the whole outcome. Even now it was suggested to me that it looked like it was recovering fine but it is sure taking awhile it seems as I am hoping this red bump of sort will go away.

I was just thinking how what used to be just a minor annoyance where I wouldn’t have to really have much of a downtime has so far resulted in weeks worth of downtime as I wait for this to heal. While I can still do most things fortunately as a lot of the stuff I do involves being in-front of a computer, it has sure hindered me in doing things that require more physical activity as I am afraid that I am going to aggravate the healing process.

This feels like an eternity too as time is money in many ways. Funny enough, I hate the downtime so much that I was actively trying to find even more things that I could do to make up for it. Almost like saying if you normally instructed people how to ski and now you can’t do that due to a surgery it’s like I would then find something else that I could teach in the meantime.

I guess in if it ends up healing fine and all then I will look back and say I guess the downtime was okay to get rid of a problem forever. But in the meantime it sure is an inconvenience when you try to be as productive as possible.

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