Mindset of Worrying About Being Scammed By Stores

Mindset of Worrying About Being Scammed By Stores

I was reading a couple of articles today on how people could save money by recognizing what exactly stores do to try and get you to either buy more things that you don’t really need or items that are more expensive. There were some typical points I read such as placing items at the checkout line in hopes to get impulse purchases. Some of the other interesting points I read is how stores use music to try and put you in a better mood for shopping or strategically confusing you with non rounded price numbers to make it more difficult to compare the value of items.

It’s kind of funny I thought as with all these types of advice it’s almost like when you are shopping you have to treat it no different then trying to say buy stocks or deciding to trade a business with someone else. Basically, in reality shopping requires a lot of homework and due diligence even for the most simple purchases if you don’t want to get taken advantage of financially. I can’t imagine there are many people who would want to even invest the energy into that.

For me, the way I see it to not be so paranoid to the point where the shopping experience feels like a chore is I just think to myself “What an interesting way they are trying to make money” or “They are trying that trick” as for me I find this stuff educational. Of course maybe that’s just me as I am always interested in topics such as how companies run a business or where all the profits come from. So for myself when I walk into a store and I bump into a sales guy offering me extended warranties for example I don’t think “Oh no, trying to get me to buy more” but rather “Interesting sales pitch the company taught you” as in the end of the day I recognize all the business are there to make dollar. Basically get to learn something and save money.

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