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Recently here there was this lottery jackpot for about $34 million and as you can imagine tons of people flocked to buy a ticket in hopes of winning it. There were a couple of winners and one story in particular was inspiring to me. Essentially, one person named Jorma Hogbacka won the lottery and has publicly said that what he planned to do with some of his winnings was that he was going to give about $30,000 to some Tim Horton employees just for getting his coffee orders right over the years.

I love reading stories like that personally as you have to have a good sense of value/appreciation for the things around your life I’d say to even have the thought of doing things like that. On a side note, apparently he wasn’t too surprised about the winning as he claimed that a psychic told him that he was going to eventually win over two decades ago except he wasn’t given a date. I hope that isn’t a sign that he will be gullible with his money going forward.

But in general, this story reminded me how most people that I know who have ambitious plans to earn a lot financially always seem to have some kind of list of the people they want to help back in this way too when the time comes. I’m not talking about one of those “If I win a million dollars I’ll give you some” goals but rather it’s almost like they want to reach that goal for themselves and the people around them too.

Example, it could be to help out family members, wanting to create something to enhance people’s lives, etc. That kind of goes back to the give more to receive more mentality I suppose.

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