Is Meeting Strangers The Same As Networking In Business

Is Meeting Strangers The Same As Networking In Business

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Usually at a young age we are always taught to never speak with strangers as the person you are speaking with could be a murderer as an example. I was thinking as even as you grow older you are often taught the same thing to the point that many times we tend to never want to speak with others who we have no immediate knowledge or direct connection with.

This made me think as today I was just playing that Pokemon Go game for fun as there was an event nearby which meant a ton of strangers would get together. This one lady that was playing it started to tell me about her work and such to the point where I was thinking how this is absolutely no different than going to like a business networking event in many ways.

There was actually another event nearby where I was going to simply walk there but she offered me a ride which I took. Like there you could say that is absolutely dangerous which I would agree under normal circumstances. But in this case since it was so close in an open busy public space it literally was no different in my mind than someone at a networking event asking if you want to go to like that coffee shop or something like that.

It’s completely different if I was like in the middle of nowhere where I am not expecting anyone else there and this random person starts telling me to get in the car as example. But in this case it just turned out like any other meet and greet type of function. It makes me think how many times we could be losing the opportunity to meet people in an effort to expand our network simply because we still classify all strangers of sort as dangerous people. Sometimes we just have to be a bit more open to the idea of talking to people we don’t know.

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