Meeting So Many Professionals With Your Hobbies

Meeting So Many Professionals With Your Hobbies

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Normally when we think of business networking we always assume that we have to go to some kind of event dedicated to it. While that can be true many times I have found meeting the best potential people to work with just came through my hobbies. Today as I was flying the drone funny enough I bumped into a person who was just learning to do it and he happened to work in film. As a result we talked a lot about the industry and technical stuff. Because we shared a similar hobby too that made it a very easy and casual meeting.

It’s not uprisings too where people in the same industry can often have the same types of interests too. So it shouldn’t be a surprise if you meet like-minded people through the things you enjoy as well. In many ways it can be a better way to business network because one important thing is actually getting along with whoever it is that you may be working with and having similar hobbies is a great start.

This can be true for other things too but it’s interesting how we overlook it when it comes to meeting other professionals.

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