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Media Documenting Event Results For Potential Further Opportunities

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Today I decided to volunteer some time to help a group of people to video document an event as at first they were scrambling to find a photographer to do so. Documenting the event seemed rather important to them and so that gave me the idea to offer them my time to record the video for fun. After the event I discovered that it was the first time they have hosted such a thing where it sounded like they would potentially want to do it again. Therefore having some form of tangible memories of it made sense I thought.

It made me think too how documenting say your company’s events and success is often overlook. So many times you can probably use these types of archive media in an effort to aid you in your current endeavors as people often want visual proof of your past success per se. This was kind of funny as the other day one of my friends was saying how in certain situations he was saying how annoying it was that people always take pictures of everything they do in public. In some cases you actually would want that.

I did have a conversation with someone before too on how he now wanted to start a business for his services. While he is perfectly qualified and had a lot of students before he stopped he actually didn’t really document or takes pictures during those times. So he actually has nothing visually to work with marketing wise. Don’t underestimate the importance of archiving your experiences.

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