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McDonald’s Game Pieces

Today I had more things to do than usual and so I decided to just drop by McDonald’s for a quick meal. I normally avoid fast food places and go to one maybe a total of less than ten times for a whole year. I know, some people think one time is too much right? Anyways, what was interesting was they had these game pieces where by buying a certain item you get to enter into a draw or the chance to win free items. This one was themed around Hockey. The funny thing is I go to these places so little yet I end up winning something small a lot of times with these. This one was for a hash brown as you can see here:

I chuckled at this a bit as I actually know people where these types of contests always seem to get them to buy fast food more often as in their mind they need to eat anyways and so why not in this case since they think they have a good chance of winning something big right? I think those McDonald’s monopoly pieces are the ones that hook a lot of people usually. I personally think these types of things are smart from the business’s perspective, but as to buying food or items from a consumer perspective mainly because you have the chance to win something is kind of silly I think.

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