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McDonald Selling Its Sauces In Canada Grocery Stores Is Interesting

I was reading some articles recently on how apparently McDonalds is going to be selling a lot of its sauces as a retail product in grocery stores. This includes things like its Big Mac sauce. I was thinking how this would probably be pretty profitable for them if so as I know there are a ton of people where when they go to the restaurants they often order like say a side of sauce.

It’s interesting though as in some ways people would argue that is bad as the business is giving people less reason to go to the restaurant which can mean less profit. On the other hand people would argue that they can make more money this way and create more business for the stores where by doing this they are generating more brand awareness.

It’s an interesting topic as it often goes into other categories such licensing your properties to gain more exposure as oppose to just always forcing people to experience things directly through your properties only. I can imagine in this case too this would probably encourage more people to try and make meals of sort with their sauces.

To me anyways it seems like a pretty smart and wise business move as opposed to only focusing on what they are used to such as simply building more stores only.

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