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Maybe A Little Too High Tech

The other day I was asked to try and hunt down a good deal for a rice cooker as a person I knew was in the market for a new one. For the most part I was expecting to find ones within the $50 range or so. However, it was surprising to me that there were so many rice cookers that were in the $150 to $300 price range. From what I gathered, a lot of the price was due to having a lot of automated features and cooking settings.

I was then thinking, do you really need something this high tech to cook something as simple as rice? I know some people even use simple pots to cook rice. The funny thing for this is that it made me want to see if I could actually find one of these expensive high tech ones at a good price by using things like coupons and first time customer discounts. Other than that, seems way too much for a simple home user.

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