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Masking Free Event Offers As A Way To Up-Sell

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Recently I was looking at this web seminar that had a marketing topic I was interested in. The price was right as it was free. But it made me wonder how much you could really learn from these as usually from my experience these offers are setup in such a way where you get very general information as the hope is to get you to buy some kind of material or class afterwards. Sure enough from reading public reviews that seemed to be the case as at the end of the presentation they encourage people to buy this course priced at about $300.

Some people noted that there were about fifty people in the room and maybe ten people would sign up. That is a lot of money when you think about it. To make it better for the business owner these web seminars of sort were all pre-recorded. So they literally don’t have to do any additional work as the more people they bring in the more chance they have at making a sale. Not a bad business from their standpoint.

I guess you can learn from that as well where setting up some kind of schedule for an event with the label of it as being free can lure a lot of people to think it’s actually more special than it is. Even if you only sell one product it’s probably a good return for pretty much doing no extra work.

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