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Marking Up Prices To Sell Other Items

While shopping for an item today I was surprised to see how the price for it in one store in particular had it listed for about 30% higher than most other places. That is quite a substantial difference too. While thinking why that would be the case what I did notice was that in terms of merchandising techniques they seemed to put it next to other products in the order of being the cheapest to most expensive. Usually too when people aren’t too knowledgeable about a product they would assume the more expensive item must be the best. As evident the item that was pried in the middle of it all seemed to be moving the most.

I know that can be true for even myself such as when I am buying things like groceries. That’s not a bad way to get people buy buy particular items that you are trying to get rid of I suppose. For a savvy shopper that can be a negative too as people can often become cynical in even doing further business with a company if they see even this one item is marked up like crazy compared to other places.

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