Maps To Find A Wealthy Mate
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Maps To Find A Wealthy Mate

I was reading in the paper today about how the company has created a program that uses its real estate data files that is normally meant for users to determine say the value of a certain property to create maps that show where wealthy single men and women would hang around. Right now there are mainly maps that locate single rich men with the maps being called as “man maps” and apparently maps to locate single rich women are in the works. It looks like this is a US only thing right now, so maybe I’ll be able to hear some stories in the future on how resourceful people find these types of maps to be. This must be a very good way for the company to attract new business though.

I can already imagine all of the wacky stories that can arise out of something like this as a person who would actually attempt to use these maps to find a mate has no clue whether or not the person is currently in a relationship, has a completely opposite personality and so fourth. What will people think of next?

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