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Having Too Many Communication Apps

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For work having accessible ways to communicate people is great for productivity. But today I just noticed how for one group of people I talk with we have like three different apps where the conversation is scattered. In many cases it is the same topic too. The only real difference is that in one app it is more formal as that is what say the business wants to communicate on whereas the others is what people personally use.

Many of them require data of course where for me I often have the unnecessary stuff set to download with wi-fi only. So when I turn it on I get like a gazillion messages on the app to the point where I am wondering if I should just delete certain apps or mention how it’s better to keep every conversation in one place.

At times I feel it makes things less productive when you have too many choices and places that you have to keep updated with. At the same time you kind of have to use it too as certain people only want to use certain platforms. In many ways you just have to learn to use multiples apps and multitask.

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