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Making Your Own Negative Press And Bad Reviews

The other day I was searching online for reviews for various items and usually my search method is to specifically look for good and bad reviews to try and get a good sense of what the real deal is. For this one company it seemed like they flooded the Internet by publishing various bad articles about themselves in a controlled way. Basically, while it may seem like a negative review of their service it usually ends up by the writer implying that they are not that bad. Again, you know this is the company itself doing it too.

Kind of an interesting and sneaky tactic I guess you can say as I’m sure it will fool the majority of the crowd. Imagine trying to find a review on things like a television set where this one company specifically wrote articles on how its “TV sucks” so that they can capture that audience and then use that to hopefully change people’s minds.

Very risky in many ways too as i am inclined like in this case to really not trust the company if I find out they were trying to do this to sway consumers.

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