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Making Your Meal At A Supermarket

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I was at the mall today and when it came to lunch time I figured I would see what was available as unfortunately I would have to dine out which usually costs a lot. While looking at the options nothing really stood out to me except the prices. I couldn’t help but to keep thinking for example for like six dollars you could buy so much food at a supermarket. So, I then decided to go to one in the mall to see if I could get anything there.

The interesting thing about this one supermarket is that there was actually a tiny dining area of sort as well as a microwave for the public to use. I was just thinking that is kind of neat as if you really wanted to you could buy some simple items and prepare it for a meal. I decided to buy things that didn’t require cooking though. The most immediate price savers are drinks whether its juice or soda. Example, while it is like one dollar for a drink at most restaurants one dollar at the supermarket can easily get you more than a litre of drinks. Even a small can of beverage is often half the price.

Of course, I don’t think you can cook a feast or anything as this is really meant for if you want something fast and want to save money. All in all, saved a few dollars and it was an interesting experience.

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