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Making Your Life More Expensive

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There was this game show I was watching the other day that I didn’t really get right away, but one prize that a person won was literally three television sets. Of course, they were excited as it seemed to be some very expensive items. I was thinking too that even though these TV’s are free they are probably going to end up making the person’s life more expensive as I know most people wouldn’t bare to say get rid of them.

I have often seen like in these cases what they would do is that even if you have no use for that many tv’s they would say put two in a room and run them simultaneously. I guess you can say that will be things like an increased energy bill. One way that encourages myself to sell excess items like that if I was in that situation is that items like those get outdated very fast and hence loses value. So the way I see it, if you sell those two television for the current market price you could easily save that money and if you really want the latest and greatest later then most likely you could use the same amount of funds to get something that is a lot better.

No reason why free expensive things like that should cost you money where you are forcing yourself to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

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