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Making Things Sound Urgent or The Last Time Ever

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Usually when it comes to sales companies would try to give the narrative that this is a once in a lifetime sort of event to encourage you to shop now. I was thinking about this for an event gathering recently as there was a person who has been organizing an activity group for a while where for the most part it has been a modest attendance it seems. It didn’t seem to be much of a priority for people as opposed to other activities.

So recently it was announced that the person would probably holding his last event and with that said the attendance for the last one went up the roof. I would imagine for most people knowing that they won’t ever see this again possibly now made this a priority for people to want to show up. I guess that kind of shows you that you often need to have some kind of urgency or fear of loss when attracting people to go to events or even purchase items.

Otherwise I suppose people will just hold off as they assume it will still be there tomorrow type of the mentality. That’s why companies do that for sales events of course because it simply works huh?

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