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Making Sure You Are Getting The Full Service Usage

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Another topic I was thinking about while researching about Internet access services is how some companies advertise speed packages that seem way lower than the competition yet the price is the same or more expensive. Understandably people would assume that higher speed options are better if it is the same price correct? But one thing people tend to overlook is whether or not in like these cases you are ever truly able to get max speeds.

Many times with these types of services you often share it with a bunch of other people which means your service will be slower. Almost like going to a restaurant where you order a one litre drink that seems like a great deal. However, if it is shared among twenty people then you may not get that much. On the other hand imagine ordering a 250ml drink where you get it all for yourself for the same price. Odds are that is the better deal for you overall.

The high numbers just sounds a lot better for marketing of course which is why companies do it. That means you need to be semi educated on what the service is really like when you actually use it. Especially when you see a lot of “up to” type of wording in the literature.

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