Making More Money But Having To Spend More Too
Making Money

Making More Money But Having To Spend More Too

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One thing that seemed kind of exciting this year was noticing how for some of my projects they seem to be doing way better than normal. Income wise in some cases the amount tripled for whatever reason. That’s always a good thing of course. While that should mean I have more funds to invest in other things wouldn’t you know it that some unexpected expenses came up as well where it’s almost like I didn’t really gain more than usual in the end. That’s definitely irritating. Although the positive is those expenses weren’t related to the project as it was something else.

It made me think though on how some people who had a very successful small business all of a sudden decided to try and grow into a larger corporation. While they in many ways accomplished that they noticed that their net profit was virtually the same. Except now they had so many more things to manage. I know some people who actually decided to revert back to just being a simple small business as a result.

That’s probably an odd thing to think about because when we all start out wanting to grow as big as possible seems like the way to go. But it is true in many ways where financially as an example if you are spending more to the point where the net gain is the same then why grow bigger just for the sake of growing bigger? Unless you have say a specific plan to sell your business with the size of it being a factor for the buyer.

Otherwise it reminds me of an interesting example where a person was gloating that he made over $5000 a year in extra income. Because of that everyone should do exactly what he does. But in reality he actually spent over $10,000 to make that such as advertising expenses. If it is was all about money there it would have been better to just make $0 huh?

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