Making It A Habit To Find Unadvertised Sales
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Making It A Habit To Find Unadvertised Sales

As I passed by a particular area today I was aware that there were some decently priced grocery stores nearby and so I decided to take a peak as it would help with my project. Sure enough, I found some crazy deals. I ended up using this one where the deal was you could buy eight bags of cranberries for one dollar. They usually go for like two dollars for one.

It made me think how making things like deal hunting as a lifestyle habit is kind of important if you want to save money on a consistent basis. A lot of people spend a ton of time researching about local coffee houses that are in the area for like a cappuccino as an example as part of their everyday life. For me, I usually always research about places such as what stores and supermarkets there are to see if there are good local deals to be found.

It’s just interesting sometimes on how we have our priorities backwards. While most people are always on the hunt for the best deals when it comes to like tech and fashion items things like food and groceries seem to be on the bottom of the list in terms of trying to find good deals in a lifestyle habit way. With examples like this though, it shows that there are often so many “sales” out there that are unadvertised.

Do people often find getting good deals on things like this as boring though? Cause I can tell you the money you save to enable you to invest in other things can sure change your mind if you make it a lifestyle habit.

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