Making Friendly Public Challenges

Making Friendly Public Challenges

I was reading about how this one person was able to get his business going as it was done in an interesting way. Essential, when he was new what he would do is seek out various people within his industry that were already semi established and with that he simply made these public challenges to them. For example, saying that he could do things better and faster. As you would expect, a lot of people simply ignored the request as it seems like a publicity stunt. However, from time to time someone actually does take the bait which in terms gives him the exposure and opportunity to prove himself.

I guess this is like some kind of old fashion dual of sort where it’s like if you can take out the big guy then that means instant success for you. This direction is a bit too scary for many I say though as it could be one of those scenarios where if the person did acknowledge your request and you end up losing then that could be the end of you. Then again, I guess one point in trying to be successful is that you can’t be afraid of failure. Getting the opportunity itself is just as important in many ways.

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