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Making Decisions Based On Studies or What Is Working For you


I was reading an article today that talked about health issues and how apparently the story now is that saturated fats aren’t the cause of things like artery clogging. This came out in a report by the British Journals of Sports Medicine for those who really want to read all the technical details.

In reading this I was thinking about every other article and studies where people have opinions on what you have to do to be successful per se in a specific industry. They often come from very credible people as well where they have the results to prove it. But I have often found that many times there isn’t one right way per se and that you have to find your own path. For example, you may not have the same situation such as some people entering a certain space at the right time where they were the only player in the game.

But what I would often take from studies like these is how certain things can be good for you and then adapt that specifically for yourself. It’s a balancing act between taking in specific information with an open mind while using it in a way that works for you. This is versus following something to a tee or just simply ignoring it.

In the topic of health though it’s like a funny running theme I have with people where even today someone was just dumbfounded by my endurance while we were practicing some martial arts. Like there food wise I kind of eat whatever I want but for the most part I guess you can say I do eat “healthy” but it’s more about the lifestyle such as walking a lot. So eating anything I want while being constantly active works for me. Kind of like a different way of saying stay open minded but true to yourself huh?

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