Making Deadlines Too Long

Making Deadlines Too Long

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We are pretty much half way passed the month of January and already I am hearing how some people are upset that they aren’t meeting their new year’s goal it seems. Some of these involved people trying to create something new and it was interesting as a point was brought up that people felt he was giving himself too much time to complete various tasks. For example, since it is a new area that he needs to explore he would give himself say two weeks to do so. While he did do it, looking at his productivity he really only started to do any real work when there was like three days left.

This almost reminds me of like school work where people tend to not do anything until it seems like they have no time left. That is when everyone starts to get down and do the work. I guess the same applies to a lot of adults as well. I suppose the simple solution here is to in some cases give yourself less time to do the work. Especially if it is simply a matter of researching about what you need to do, so to speak. At worst too since you are self managing yourself you can also say you need more time afterwards if it seems that you do need to invest more time in it. At least that way your time is actually being spent in doing something productive as opposed to procrastinating.

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