Making Compatible Purchases
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Making Compatible Purchases

I was just reading this piece about how you can pretty much transfer any information across various devices these days such as instantly transferring cell phone data to the compute or tablets. Essentially, this should save people a lot of time and money as it increases productivity. I was then thinking how much it would cost to actually maintain that though if you are a little more bare bones when it comes to these kinds of things.

For example, if you are the type of person that only uses their cell phone for just voice still that must be a big increase in a monthly bill to make it support data now. For me, it’s not so much about spending for accessibility but rather compatibility. For example, it’s easy to just buy a camcorder and then a computer. But to make sure your computer can natively handle the footage that the camcorder produces to help you streamline all your work is another thing. All that time you save from making sure things are compatible with each other equals huge savings in the end whether it’s from less time having to get things to cooperate or not having to buy additional items to make it work as intended.

Kind of reminds me of a funny situation before where a person bought a dresser because it looked so good to them yet it literally took up like 40% of the room. After you put the huge queen size bed in the room there was like no space. Of course that example is a bit wackier, but you get the point.

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