Making Changes Later In Life or Riding It Out
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Making Changes Later In Life or Riding It Out

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This was an interesting thing to think about. Imagine there is a person who is retired and has been living in the same apartment for years. Everything is pretty much set financially as the only real expensive are the basics and monthly maintenance fees. However, recent events made the person want to move out due to disagreements with fellow tenants. Now the interesting thing is the person always said they never expect to pass certain age. So with that in mind would you actually go through all this to move or would you simply try your best to ignore it and live life?

I would imagine it’s a lot of extra expense and energy to have to buy a new place and transfer everything. Then again, if it is truly driving you crazy then you can’t really put a price on that. But in this case it seemed like the person was more annoyed overall. I don’t think I ever heard of people ever having a contingency plan of sort should they decide to move unexpectedly.

Although, I have heard of stories of people simply living on cruise ships as a retirement. Maybe that’s not a bad idea the more you think about it even though it sounds crazy on paper.

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