Making The Bulk of Your Income During A Special Event Day

Making The Bulk of Your Income During A Special Event Day

Today I was talking to a business owner who was anticipating a ton of business as a result of a local event happening. Because of that his time was short for the day as he had to go very early to prepare for the rush. That then brought up the topic how the majority of his income actually comes from days like these whereas the other days are more about establishing a presence.

That is actually tan important point even when starting out I feel. For example, people often say some people get so lucky with their venture where it’s like everything was just handed to them on that one lucky day. Funny enough I read another example today of a person starting a news report site of sort when he just happened to start exactly on the day of the largest conventions in his industry. As a result he automatically got a surge of attention right from the start and is where the majority of his audience came from.

It should show the importance of somehow working alongside special events that directly affect your type of business as that’s where the majority of your base can come from. Work smarter not harder they say right? Almost sounds like a retail business where a company usually makes most of its income during the busy Christmas season as an example.

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