Making It Appear As If You Were Part of Someone’s Success

Making It Appear As If You Were Part of Someone’s Success

Often times when you look for services that require the help of a large business or agency it’s common to see them gloat about the clients they have worked with. In many ways this gives them credibility to the average person. Essentially, if those big name people worked with them then it’s a guarantee that they will be good for you too right?

This is when I noticed something funny with one company where they were advertising how their clients have worked on various large projects which projects that they could do the same for you. But upon research it appeared that those people worked on those projects long before they ever met them. So in that sense it is a little misleading.

It made me think how so many times people try and use the success of others to raise their own value even if they had nothing to do with it. While you can say that is common business practice, I personally find it a little shady where it makes me wonder if they are desperate in some ways to do that. Although for many people it simply works otherwise they wouldn’t do it correct? Just one of the details you always have to really research whenever you do business with people I suppose.

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