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Major Apple iPhone FaceTime Bug

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This was all over the news today which is concerning for users of Apple iPhones. Apparently for its FaceTime app that allows people to conduct video chats there is a bug that allows the caller to answer the recipient’s phone. Imagine phone someone else where normally you have to wait for them to pick up the phone. Except in this case when you phone them you can actually turn on their phone and hear everything as if they picked it up. The company is aware of the issue.

Makes you wonder if people would just try and delete the app until everything is fixed as I can imagine this being an extreme concern when it comes to privacy. Imagine someone just opening up someone’s phone during an important meeting and secretly getting all of the details that way. I guess those people who have instated in just using the basic flip phone are probably laughing huh? Although I suppose it does bring up a point how sometimes just having the basic necessities is good enough.

Would people actually be quick to trust the app again even after it is fixed? That would be interesting to see how a large company like Apple approaches such a major bug like this one. It would be odd if they just treated it like a normal day afterwards.

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