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Mainstream Media Price Comparing Walamart And Target

Today for whatever reason there seemed to be a lot of news articles about which retailer provides more for your money.  For the most part, it seemed to revolve around Target Canada against Walmart Canada.  The first piece of news I read was on the CBC site where as an onlooker it appears that they determined that Target has cheaper prices overall.


I then saw another report done today on the Global site where it indicated that they found Walmart was the cheapest.


It did make me wonder why this news popped up today.  At the same time, it sure can be confusing to determine who is truly the cheapest this way huh?  I think the only real way is to actually visit the stores or do flyer comparisons frequently to really get a feel overall on who is the cheapest.  From my personal experience with Walmart and Target, I tend to see that overall Walmart prices do seem cheaper.  However, I noticed that Target Canada often has more crazy clearance deals on its endcaps which makes it look like it’s Black Friday or Boxing Day.

Overall though, I am usually one to try and get the best value and so I usually end up buying items from multiple businesses.  Things like groceries are usually insanely cheaper at other local businesses I find where a big box retailer would win more because of convenience.  Don’t just compare the well-known businesses as the little guys can help you save just as much I say.

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