Lowering Quality Video To Offer More

Lowering Quality Video To Offer More

With millions of people being forced to stay at home it’s no surprise that people are spending a lot more time watching videos and movies to pass the time. It is said that people in quarantine should stay in the house for about 14 days. With that it seems like companies such as Netflix and Youtube are experiencing bandwidth issue in trying to serve everyone. So because of this their answer appears to be disabling higher resolution video streams.

By doing so more people will have access to the service where I suppose the majority won’t be affected too much if people normally watch movies on a tiny device as an example. But of course people with large and expensive screens will be disappointed. People often say never compromise on your quality since you need to consistently provide the best each time. But in this case it is the best choice?

Imagine doing that for a restaurant where you shrink the portion sizes forth same price in an effort to serve more people. For that the answer won’t be so clear cut I think.

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