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Lower Quality Brands During Big Sales

I had an interesting observation lately when it comes to a lot of retailers and the type of items that they have been offering as part of big sales. Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of the door crasher items and big deals seems to be products of brands are less well known where they usually are that much cheaper compared to say a more well known brand. It just sounds very appealing to a lot such as seeing on a flyer that a 40 inch TV costs like $200 as an example.

Companies can usually get a lot more margin selling these items too and so it’s in their financially interest to get it out there. This is why usually when I shop during times like these I usually have a specific product in mind while doing all the research on it ahead of time. Therefore, all I need to do is wait for it to go on sale. If it happens to be something that a company is going to offer a crazy deal on during days like Black Friday then all the better.

The idea of simply waiting to see what is good to buy would more than likely make you buy something that you didn’t really want or need before. And like in this case, walking out with potentially lesser quality item just because the item looks cheaper compared to what you normally see in the same category even though it normally is that much cheaper.

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