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Lower Prices To Justify Trying Out

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I have been watching the cell phone service prices here recently as there just seems to be so many new competitors. Of course, as you would expect that should mean someone is offering lower prices to try and undercut the other. Recently there is a new competitor that opened up here called Mobilicity and I saw the rates they were offering at which just seems so much less compared to others.

To give you an example of the types of rates that most people here pay for you can look at links such as this For the most part this is one of those scenarios where I am naturally iffy about simply switching a service that you use all the time as you are worried that if it ends up being bad it can disrupt your daily routine. So like many people, in those cases I would opt to stay with the more expensive company until I am certain.

But even I will say with prices like that which are so different you can’t help to say it may be worth it to see how it is like as it could translate to a lot of savings.

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