Being The Loudest As Opposed To The Most Original
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Being The Loudest As Opposed To The Most Original

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A funny thing happened today on my way home. As I was going to the SkyTrain there were a ton of people in Halloween costumes all gathered up for some reason. Afterwards I discovered that this was apparently an annual party of sort where people literally have a party on the public transit system here they go to one end and then back while playing loud music and dancing. They were definitely getting a lot of attention.

That kind of got me thinking in a funny way how even in a business sometimes just being the loudest can be just as effective in trying so hard to be original. Kind of like some salesman where one person could come up with the most original marketing plan yet you then have this guy that is just yelling out he has things to sell which produces more result.

I often find at times we try to be too original for the sake of impressing people like our peers when in reality your target market just needs to know that something exists. Back to the basics as they say in many ways.

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