Losing Customers With Face Mask Requirements

Losing Customers With Face Mask Requirements


A lot of places are going to start opening up again here soon with businesses such as restaurants having to adjust by spreading tables further than normal and maintaining a limit as to how many people can be inside. A lot of businesses already have other items such as thermal cameras at the entrance where if people are over a certain temperature the store will be notified to not let the person in.

Companies such as Costco have been forcing customers to where masks and other companies such as T&T Supermarket seem to be heading in the same direction. That was the interesting thing as I was reading a bunch of stories of Costco customers who refuse to shop at the store now due to that requirement. Reasons range from people not thinking it will do much good and ultimately it seems like it’s more how it should be the customer’s choice.

Whether or not they will feel enough of a backlash and loss in revenue is unknown. But this will be interesting if other businesses recognize the apprehensions that customers have over forced face masks where they won’t implement such a policy and therefore taking all the business.

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