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Looking At Past Sale Prices Before Making Decision

I noticed there appeared to be a good deal for a computer monitor and as a result I was thinking of getting it.  However, events like say a Black Friday or Boxing Day seems pretty close to me where the thought of potentially seeing a better day makes me want to wait.  Others may say 3 months is way too long, but to me that feels like a very short time.  So to really help me with my decision I decided to look at the product’s previous sale prices.

For the most part, it seemed like the sale price was pretty consistent with what it would be at a discounted rate.  As a result, that tells me that it can go for cheaper and that there is no real rush to get it.  This is a good way to not get immediately sucked into sale and clearance signs as well where it’s natural for all of us to think it’s a great deal.  For example, I remember this one place that has been opened for years and every time I passed by they always had signs advertising that they are having a moving out of business sale.  A simple check of its past sale prices will show it’s not a good deal at all.  Stay informed and updated.

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