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Looking For Dumb Products Instead of Smart Ones

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Kind of a funny story but actually relevant for people that want to save money in a reasonable way. There was a person who wanted to just buy a simple fan in anticipation for the hotter weather due to the Summer time being here. You would think that should just be a few dollars if literally all you want is a basic fan. However, as it turned out he had a tough time finding one as the store he went to only sold smart fans that had features such as Bluetooth connectivity.

It made what should have been a $10 fan to like $50 as an example which is way more than he wanted to spend. So eventually he kept going to different stores until he could find a “dumb” fan where sure enough he did. It’s kind of funny in many ways where nowadays people buy electronics as an example with features that they never even use but still pay for it. For example, buying a computer with a graphics card an expensive graphics card that are meant for video games when someone just wants to use the Internet.

There are times where that convenience can definitely be worth the extra dollar. But in a lot of cases just getting the basic dumb product may make more sense in every way.

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