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Looking At Solutions From A Barebone Perspective

I heard all the news recently about Facebook purchasing WhatsApp for about $19 billion and while I thought that was a crazy price tag what was interesting to me was how many people I knew were using it as a way to manage projects for businesses. Funny enough, the first time I even heard about this application was from friend who were using it as a way to essentially goof around and talk about random stuff. As a result I never took it serious for professional use.

Of course as mentioned I have been hearing people use it for business use. That then got me thinking where even though an application can be useful in our professional life, many times we simply disregard it because it doesn’t seem “professional” to use it. I think the sentiment for things like Twitter and Facebook were also like this as well.

Like in this case too I have seen many professionals simply buy a “business oriented” product for so much money when the consumer solutions work just as fine for way less. Sometimes we have to just look at things barebone in terms of functionality. If it works and saves you money then why not? I can’t tell you how many times even for things like computers where I see people essentially pay for the “image” of the product where it translates in their mind as it works better for a professional environment when really it doesn’t.

Just remember too, it’s the marketer’s job to sell you on the idea/story for the most part of the product or service. Once you cut that out of the equation it will help to put things into perspective of those “cheap” or “consumer oriented” products. If it works then all the better for your wallet.

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