Looking At Other Aisles For The Same Sale Item
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Looking At Other Aisles For The Same Sale Item

This was kind of funny as today I decided to visit a Save on Foods as they were having a $1.49 Tuesday sale. I went there pretty late and so a lot of the items that were on sale seemed to be sold out. In one section with chocolate bars they had a few left where you could buy two bars for $1.49. Apparently, these would be about five dollars usually. I was debating if I should get any as there only seemed to be flavors left that I wasn’t too keen ob. But there was this one guy who saw that this was all that was left and so it seemed like he started to grab the remaining ones.

Since I wasn’t planning on buying it at first I continued to walk around the store to see if there were any other good deals. That’s when I saw the same chocolate bars that were on sale at a different part of the store. From the looks of it, these placements are normally meant to hopefully entice people to buy extra stuff that they wouldn’t have planned for. Snacks and treats are usually the most common product placements. The variety here was actually great and it made me think how that person I saw earlier would have probably been better off looking around first.

This usually how I find great clearance deals as I find many stores don’t actually have a dedicated section for them and so you could often just find a bunch of randomly placed clearance items bunched together. In this case though, I can see how this happens during an advertised sale where you would think it’d be better to place them all in one section but the planograms were probably already made for the week as an example. In this case they would have probably sold more by just dumping them all to the one section it primarily belongs in. I have to say though, I ended up buying a pair since it was a good deal and all with plenty of flavor options I preferred.

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