The Look of A Business Website VS The Functionality

The Look of A Business Website VS The Functionality

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I was recently reading some news about a business that was having issues with getting customers and so they were trying to get feedback from the existing customer base on what they could do better to essentially win their business. While you would assume things like service and quality would be the main factors it was so surprising in some ways to read how many people kept telling the company to update the website to look more modern day.

Perception usually does mean a lot to people but I guess with examples like that it shows how important that can be for people even when you already have them as a customer. I suppose the reason for this too is because when people shop with a business sometimes people want to be proud of where they shop from a social standpoint. So like there even if the website functions perfectly, you get the best prices it’s almost like people want the business to dress in a suit still per se to show others that it is professional.

This is one of those things where realistically if companies are actually providing the best product or service at the ideal price then they should reign supreme. But if this says anything one must always be on the lookout for ways to literally try and look high end to give the perception that you are equal if not better than the rest.

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