Living In Unappealing Areas To Get More
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Living In Unappealing Areas To Get More

I have heard this type of conversation many times when it comes to buying a house. As everyone knows, usually housing is more expensive in the more appealing areas and less in places such as ones that are notorious for crime. So there was a person that had a house that had everything that he needed for the time being. As well, it is fairly close to his work.

For one reason or another he was looking at the housing in areas that would probably require you to drive about thirty minutes to get to any type of stores that he normally shops at. In almost every way it would make his lifestyle more tedious with the commuting. However, seeing the house he has valued at about $600,000 versus a house in that area that seems like it is two times bigger made him want to move due to the fact that it sounds like such a better value. Indeed too, the area had a lot of crime.

I would think it still makes more sense financially to have say your housing in an area that enables you to get to places quickly. Otherwise, like in this case it feels like getting a bigger property in an area that doesn’t seem to suit your lifestyle at all is more so you can just say that your house is bigger than another person’s. Reminds me of people buying expensive cars just to try and outdo someone else.

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