How Little Time It Takes To Form A Good Habit
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How Little Time It Takes To Form A Good Habit

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I was reading some interesting articles today that dealt with trying to form a good habit in order to avoid procrastination in completing some kind of life goal. Usually laziness prevents us from doing it and so I was reading how in Japan they used a philosophy of sort called Kaizen where people are told to only spend on minute a day to doing whatever it is that they are trying to accomplish. That`s it, just one minute. For example, this could be a simple exercise routine of some sort for just one minute.

What this made me think was how often people say just put in like one hour a day on something yet you still hear excuses. So now with one minute a day what would be your excuse then? In many ways it is more about trying to form that habit where from there you will just end up doing more eventually as it becomes something that you just naturally do.

Kind of reminds me of people who struggle in paying off their debt too where sometimes just focusing on paying off the small bills first, even though it may not make sense financially, will give one the habit and motivation to keep going. Like most things it’s about the consistency and I suppose one minute a day can sure start you on the right track for that.

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