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Literally Living Small In Relations To Finance

tiny house expedition

Today I attended an event where people were able to see this tiny house and my curiosity of course was how small it really was. I couldn’t really imagine a family living in such a tiny space. For the most part it seemed to be just the bare bone basics and I would imagine you would want to go outside a lot. It was interested to look at the cost and expense which of course comes from using a small house.

People often say live big and large but rarely do I ever hear live small in this way which can make sense financially. If realistically it could work for you would you actually do it? It’s an interesting perspective as many times we are just too used to having things of abundance where even like a house many times we buy a large one and don’t truly use it all. That can then just lead to storage space of things you probably wouldn’t even have if you didn’t have the luxury to store them.

Like in that sense I can see how living small can help financially in so many ways as just the sheer space alone makes you think of things like purchases and whether or not it would fit into your lifestyle setting. I suppose sometimes trying to live like a minimalist in many ways can do wonders for your finance too.

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